Ex.8.1 Q4 Comparing Quantities - NCERT Maths Class 8

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A football team won \(10\) matches out of the total number of matches they played. If their win percentage was \(40\), then how many matches did they play in all?

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Comparing Quantities
Ex 8.1 | Question 4

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What is known?

Total number of matches \(= 10\)

Win percentage \(= 40\%\)

What is unknown?

Total number of matches played.


Assuming the total number of matches played as \(x,\) equating \(40\%\) of \(x\) is to \(10,\) the value of \(x\) can be found.


Let the total number of matches played\(=x\)

\[\begin{align}40\% \;{\rm{ of}}\;x &= 10\\\frac{{40}}{{100}} \times x &= 10\\x &= \frac{{10 \times 100}}{{40}}\\&= 25\end{align}\]

The total number of matches played by football team is \(25.\)

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