Ex.8.3 Q4 Compairing Quantities - NCERT Maths Class 7

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Arun bought a car for \(\rm Rs\, 3,50,000.\) The next year, the price went upto \(\rm Rs\, 3,70,000.\) What was the percentage of price increase?

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Comparing Quantities
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What is Known?

Price at which Arun bought a car \((\rm Rs\, 3,50,000)\) and the price of the car next year \(\rm(Rs\, 3,70,000).\)

What is Unknown?

The percentage of price increase


The increase in price can be calculated by subtracting earlier (initial) price from the next year (final) price and percentage increase in price can be obtained using the formula

Percentage increase 

\[\begin{align}{\text{ = }}\frac{{{\text{Change}}\;{\text{in}}\;\;{\text{quantity}}}}{{{\text{Initial}}\;{\text{quantity}}\;}} \times {\text{100}}\end{align}\]


 Increase in price 

\[\begin{align} &= 3,70,000 - 3,50,000\,\\&= 20000\end{align}\]

 Percentage Increase 

\[\begin{align}&= \,\,\frac{{{\text{Change}}\;{\text{in}}\;\;{\text{quantity}}}}{{{\text{Initial}}\;{\text{quantity}}\;}} \times {\text{100}}\,\\&=\frac{{{\text{20000}}}}{{{\text{350000}}}} \times {\text{100}}\\&= \,{\text{ }}\frac{{{\text{200}}}}{{{\text{35}}}}\\&= 5\frac{{\text{5}}}{{\text{7}}}{\text{% }}\end{align}\]