Ex.4.1 Q5 Simple-Equations Solution - NCERT Maths Class 7

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Write the following equations in statement forms:

  (i) \(p + 4 = 15\)

 (ii) \(m-7=3\)

(iii) \(2m=7\)

 (iv)\(\begin{align}\frac{m}{5} = 3\end{align}\)

 (v) \(\begin{align}\frac{3m}{5}=6~\end{align}\)

 (vi) \(3p+4=25~\)

(vii) \(4p-2=18~\)

(viii) \(\begin{align}\frac{p}{2} + 2{\rm{ = }}8\end{align}\)

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Simple Equations
Ex 4.1 | Question 5

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What is Known?


What is unknown?

Statements of the given equations.


To solve this question, look at the equation carefully and decide the variable and numbers. Then write the suitable statement using the variables and numbers.


  (i) The sum of \(p\) and \(4\) is \(15.\)

 (ii) 7 subtracted from \(m\) is \(3.\)

(iii) Two times \(m\) is \(7.\)

(iv) One-fifth of \(m\) is \(3.\)

 (v) Three-fifth of \(m\) is \(6.\)

 (vi) When \(4\) is added to three times of a number \(p,\) it gives \(25.\)

(vii) When \(2\) is subtracted from four times of a number \(p\), gives \(18.\)

(viii) When \(2\) is added to half of \(p\) gives \(8.\)

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