Ex.6.1 Q5 Squares and Square Roots Solutions - NCERT Maths Class 8


Observe the following pattern and supply the missing numbers.

\[\begin{align}{11^2} &= 121\\{101^2} &= 10201\\{10101^2} &= 102030201\\{1010101^2} &= ?\\{?^2} &= 10203040504030201\end{align}\]

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Squares And Square Roots
Ex 6.1 | Question 5

Text Solution

What is known?


What is unknown?

Missing number in the pattern


Start with 1 followed by a zero and go up to as many number as there are number of 1s given, follow the same pattern in reverse order.


\[\begin{align}{11^2} &= 121\\{101^2} &= 10201\\{10101^2} &= 102030201\\{1010101^2} &= 1020304030201\\{101010101^2} &= 10203040504030201\end{align}\]

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