Ex.9.2 Q5 Algebraic Expressions and Identities - NCERT Maths Class 8

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Obtain the product of

(i) \(\quad xy,\,yz,\,zx\)

(ii)  \(\quad a,\, - {a^2},\,{a^3}\)

(iii)\(\quad 2,\,4y,\,8{y^2},\,16{y^3}\)

(iv)\(\quad a,\,2b,\,3c,\,6abc\)

(v) \(\quad m,\, - mn,\,mnp\)

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Algebraic Expressions & Identities
Ex 9.2 | Question 5

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What is known?


What is unknown?



By using the distributive law, we can carry out the multiplication term by term.



\[\begin{align} xy \times yz \times zx = {x^2}{y^2}{z^2}\end{align}\]


\[\begin{align} a \times \left( { - {a^2}} \right) \times {a^3} = - {a^6}\end{align}\]


\[\begin{align} & 2 \times 4y \times 8{y^2} \times 16{y^3} \\&= 2 \times 4 \times 8 \times 16 \times y \times {y^2} \times {y^3} \\ &= 1024{y^6}\end{align}\]


\[\begin{align}& a \times 2b \times 3c \times 6abc \\ &= 2 \times 3 \times 6 \times a \times b \times c \times abc \\ &= 36{a^2}{b^2}{c^2}\end{align}\]


\[\begin{align} m \times \left( { - mn} \right) \times mnp = - {m^3}{n^2}p\end{align}\]

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