Ex.1.2 Q6 Rational Numbers Solution - NCERT Maths Class 8


Write five rational numbers greater than \(–2.\)

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Rational Numbers
Ex 1.2 | Question 6

Text Solution

What is known?

Rational numbers.

What is unknown?

The rational numbers between given rational numbers.


We can find infinitely many rational numbers between any two given rational numbers by taking the mean of the two rational numbers. Another method: We can make the denominator same for the two given rational numbers.


Some of the five rational numbers greater than \(– 2\) are \( \begin{align}- 1,\;\;0,\;\;\frac{1}{2},\;\;\frac{1}{3}, \end{align}\) and \( \begin{align}\frac{1}{4} \end{align}\)

[There can be more such rational numbers]

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