Ex.14.3 Q6 Symmetry - NCERT Maths Class 7

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After rotating by \( 60^\circ\) about a centre, a figure looks the same as its original position. At what other angles will this happen for the figure?

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Ex 14.3 | Question 6

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What is known?

Angle of rotation \(60^\circ\)

What is unknown?

At what other angles the figure looks the same as its original.


If a figure looks same as the original on one angle then it will look same as original on all multiple of that angle.


If figure looks the same as its original position by rotating at an angle of \(60^\circ\) it will also look same by rotating at angle of \(120^\circ, \;180^\circ,\; 240^\circ,\;300^\circ,\; 360^\circ\) as these are its multiples.

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