Ex.6.4 Q6 Squares and Square Roots - NCERT Maths Class 8

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Find the length of the side of a square whose area is \(441\;\rm{m^2}\) .

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Squares And Square Roots
Ex 6.4 | Question 6

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What is known?

Area of the square

What is unknown?

Length of the side of a square


Since, area of a square is equals to square of its side.

The length of the side can be calculated by finding the square root of the area.


Area of the square = side of a square x side of a square

\[\begin{align}441\;\rm{m^2} = \text{(side of a square)}^2\end{align}\]


\({\text{Side of a square}} = \;\sqrt {441}= 21\;{\rm{m}}\)