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During a sale, a shop offers a discount of \(10\%\) on the marked price of all the items. What would a customer have to pay for a pair of jeans marked at \(\rm{Rs}\, 1450\) and two shirts marked at \(\rm{Rs}\, 850\) each?

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Comparing Quantities
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What is known?

Discount percentage \(= 10\%\)

Marked price of a pair of jeans \(= \rm{Rs}\, 1450\)

Marked Price of a shirt \(= \rm{Rs}\, 850\)

What is unknown?

Amount customer has to pay for a pair of jeans and two shirts after discount.


(i) MP of a pair of jeans \(=\) CP of two jeans \(-\) Discount

(ii) MP of a shirt \(=\) CP of two shirts \(-\) Discount

Adding (i) and (ii) will give the amount has to pay.


MP of a pair of jeans \(=1450\)

MP of \(2\) shirts \(=850\times 2= 1700\)

Total MP \(=1450+1700= 3150\)

\[\begin{align}\text{Discount on Total MP}&=10\% \times 3150\\& = \frac{{10}}{{100}} \times 3150\\& = 315\end{align}\]

The amount customer has to pay is \(1305 + 1530 =\rm{ Rs}\, 2835\)