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Identify like terms in the following:


\(\begin{align}&–xy^2, –4yx^2, 8x^2, 2xy^2, 7y, –11x^2, \\&–100x, –11yx, 20x^2y, –6x^2, \\&y, 2xy, 3x\end{align}\)  


\(\begin{align}&10pq, 7p, 8q, –p^2q^2, –7qp, –100q,\\& –23, 12q^2p^2,–5p^2, 41,2405p, \\& 78qp, 13p^2q, qp^2, 701p^2 \end{align}\)

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Algebraic Expressions
Ex 12.1 | Question 7

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This question is based on the concept of like terms. If there are same variable in all
the terms in the expression, then the expression has like terms. We have to ignore constants here.




Like terms


\(–xy^2, –4yx^2, 8x^2, 2xy^2, 7y, –11x^2, \\–100x, – 11yx, 20x^2y, –6x^2, y, 2xy, 3x\)

\(–xy^2, 2xy^2;\\ –4yx^2, 20x^2y;\\ 8x^2, –11x^2, –6x^2;\\ 7y, y;\\ –100x, 3 x;\\ –11yx, 2xy\\\)


\(10pq, 7p, 8q, –p^2q^2, –7qp, –100q, –23, 12q^2p^2,\\ –5p^2,41, 2405p, 78qp, 13p^2q, qp^2, 701p^2\)

\(10pq, –7qp, 78qp;\\ 8q, –100q;\\ -5p^2, 701p^2;\\ 7p, 2405p;\\ –p^2q^2, 12q^2p^2;\\ -23, 41;\\ 13p^2q, qp^2\\\)

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