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Ex.1.3 Q8 Number System Solution - NCERT Maths Class 9

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Find three irrational numbers between the rational numbers \(\begin{align}\frac{5}{7}\end{align}\) and \(\begin{align}\,\frac{9}{{11}}\end{align}\).


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Number Systems
Ex 1.3 | Question 8

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Let us find the decimal expansion of \(\begin{align}\frac{5}{7}\end{align}\) and \(\begin{align}\frac{9}{{11}}\end{align}\) .

We can write \(3\) irrational numbers between them as follows:

(i) \(\begin{align}0.723350980011234...\end{align}\)

(ii) \(\begin{align} 0.77653472899423…\end{align}\)

(iii) \(\begin{align}0.80983435253947…\end{align}\)

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Number Systems
Ex 1.3 | Question 8
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