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Shyama bought \(5\,\rm{kg}\,300\,\rm{g}\). apples and \(3\,\rm{kg}\ 250\,\rm{g}\) mangoes. Sarala bought \(4\,\rm{kg}\ 800\,\rm{g}\) oranges and \(4\,\rm{kg}\ 150\,\rm{g}\) bananas. Who bought more fruits?

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What is known?

Fruits bought by Shyama and Sarala.

What is unknown?

Who bought more fruits.


Find out total fruits purchased by both Shyama and Sarala then we easily find out who bought more.


Weight of apples bought by Shyama \(=5\,\rm{kg}\ 300\,\rm{g}\)

Weight of mangoes bought by Shyama \(=3\,\rm{kg}\ 250\,\rm{g}\)  

\(\therefore \) Total weight of fruits bought by Shyama

\[\begin{align}&= 5 \,\rm{kg}\ 300 \,\rm{g} + 3 \,\rm{kg}\ 250 \,\rm{g} \\&= 8 \,\rm{kg}\ 550 \,\rm{g}\end{align}\]


Weight of oranges bought by Sarala \(=4\,\rm{kg}\ 800\,\rm{g}\)

Weight of oranges bought by Sarala \(=4\,\rm{kg}\ 150\,\rm{g}\)

\(\therefore \) Total weight of fruits bought by Sarala

\[\begin{align}&= 4\,\rm{kg}\ 800 \,\rm{g}\ + 4 \,\rm{kg}\ 150 \,\rm{g}\ \\&= 8\,\rm{kg}\ 950\,\rm{kg}\end{align}\]

On comparing the quantity of fruits, we get

\(8\,\rm{kg}\ 950\,\rm{g} > 8 \,\rm{kg}\ 550 \,\rm{kg}\)

Thus, Sarala bought more fruits.