Ex.7.2 Q8 Congruence of Triangles - NCERT Maths Class 7

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Draw a rough sketch of two triangles such that they have five pairs of congruent parts but still the triangles are not congruent.

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Congruence Of Triangles
Ex 7.2 | Question 8

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What is known?

Two triangles that have five pairs of congruent parts.

What is unknown?

Despite having five pairs of congruent parts, the triangles are not congruent


In triangle \(PQR\) and \(ABC\)

\begin{align}\overline{PQ}\text{ }&=\text{ }\overline{BC}\qquad\rm(Given)\\\overline{QR}\text{ }&=\text{ }\overline{AC}\qquad\rm(Given)\\\angle Q&=\angle B\qquad\rm(Given)\\\angle P &=\angle C\qquad\rm(Given)\\\angle R &=\angle A\qquad\rm(Given)\\\end{align}

All angles two sides are equal except one side. Hence triangle \(PQR\) is not congruent to triangle \(ABC\)