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Amina buys a book for \(\rm Rs \,275\) and sells it at a loss of \(15\%.\) How much does she sell it for?

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Comparing Quantities
Ex 8.3 | Question 8

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What is Known?

The price at which Amina buys a book \(\rm(Rs\, 275)\) and the loss percent \((15\%)\) she makes after selling it.

What is Unknown?

The price at which she sells the book.


 Loss \(=\) \(\begin{align}\frac{{\text{Loss}\% }}{{100}} \times \end{align}\) Cost Price
Selling Price \(=\) Cost price \(-\) Loss


Cost of book \(= 275\) and loss \(= 15\%\) of Cost price

Total loss 

\[= \frac{{15}}{{100\;}} \times 275 = {\text{Rs }}41.25\]


Selling Price \(=\) Cost price \(-\) loss

\[\begin{align} &=\text{ }275-41.25 \\& =\text{Rs }233.75\end{align}\]