Ex.8.2 Q9 Comparing Quantities Solution - NCERT Maths Class 8


Arun bought a pair of skates at a sale where the discount given was \(20\%\).If the amount he pays is \(\rm{Rs}\, 1,600\) find the marked price.

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Comparing Quantities
Ex 8.2 | Question 9

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What is known?

Discount percentage \(= 20\%\)

Amount paid by Arun to buy skates is \(\rm{Rs}\, 1,600\)

What is unknown?

Marked Price of a pair of skates


Assuming the marked price as \(x\) and equating marked price minus discount to \(1600\), value of \(x\) (Marked price) can be found.


Let the Marked price of a pair of skates be \(x\)

Discount percentage is \(20\%\)


M.P. of skates \(-\) Discount \(= 1600\)    (Discount \(=\) Discount \(\% \times\) M.P.)

\[\begin{align}x - 8\%  \times x &= {\rm{1600}}\\x - \frac{8}{{100}} \times x &= 1600\\\frac{{{\rm{80}}}}{{{\rm{100}}}} \times x &= {\rm{1600}}\\x &= {\rm{1600}} \times \frac{{{\rm{100}}}}{{{\rm{80}}}}\\x &= 2000\end{align}\]

Marked price \(= {\rm{Rs}}\;2000\)

Therefore, the Marked Price of a pair of skates is \(\rm{Rs}\, 2000\).

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