Classification - Pre Number Math

Classification - Pre Number Math

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Introduction to Classification

Classification is pre-number math skill. Sorting is where items are sorted as per the pre-defined characteristics or attributes of different categories. Classification is where the classes can be defined. Classifying is a skill that a child will use in all areas of his life at home and in school as he puts away toys, organizes clothes, arranges a drawer etc. Recognizing groups of objects requires logical thinking, an ability that will be important as your child makes other decisions. Making sense of the relationship between the different groups and being able to discuss that relationship develops analytical skills. Classification also develops and ability to reason out how the classification has been done.

The Big Idea

  1. Classification is best introduced using colour counters. Children can be asked to classify the counters as per their colours. 
  2. A bag of different shapes can also be given to the child. The child can classify the shapes as per their understanding. 
  3. Give children a bag of stationery items, toys etc. You can ask them to classify these objects as they want to. 
  4. You can ask the children to classify images of birds, animals, reptiles or plants and trees.
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