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Currently, all our Classes are being held LIVE Online on our proprietary Learning Platform by the teacher near you. Classes are Live and Interactive.

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At Cuemath, children learn math through:
180+ Specially designed Workbooks to strengthen math concepts
15+ Math manipulatives to visualise math concepts better
500+ intriguing puzzle cards to build logical reasoning skills
150+ fun tab-based math activities to increase speed and accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

Cuemath’s learning methodology is different from that of schools. Will there be a conflict? Will my child end up confused?
At Cuemath, children learn the same topics covered in schools. The difference, however, is that in most schools, concepts (such as fractions) may have pictorial representations, but the delivery is inefficient. School teachers focus on the technicalities of a concept through rote learning, which impacts the child's learning curve in the long run. In contrast, Cuemath helps your child understand the WHY behind the WHAT of each math concept. Children get exposed to the concrete and pictorial aspects of a concept first before moving to abstract exercises. Therefore, they learn math by reasoning which builds a strong math foundation. As a result, math becomes intuitive to them.
My child makes a lot of silly mistakes and has difficulty concentrating. How will Cuemath help my child?
In most cases, your child gets feedback at their school only after they receive their answer sheets and there is always a gap in understanding their improvement areas at the right time. In contrast at Cuemath, children get real-time feedback on each exercise that they do. Personalised attention at Cuemath also ensures that the teacher identifies the pattern of errors and takes corrective measures immediately. At Cuemath, we use tab exercises which encourage students to concentrate on the problems at hand, while also building their speed and accuracy.
My child is already doing quite well at school. Why do they need an additional intervention?
While getting good scores in school tests is a desirable outcome, it is not a reliable indicator of how strong your child’s math foundation really is. Many students who score well in school exams in their earlier years, might struggle with math in higher grades because of a weak foundation. At Cuemath, we evaluate your child’s grasp of math fundamentals, and take corrective actions immediately. Also, your child may have limited exposure in their school, and in most cases, may not feel challenged to learn more. Cuemath's customised learning plan ensures your child is challenged with varied difficulty levels of questions at every stage.
Isn’t my child too young to enrol in this program?
Early math proficiency is the best predictor for future academic success. In a student’s ‘math lifecycle’, there are multiple key transition points, when a new set of concepts is introduced to a student for the first time leading to math aversion and anxiety. Research shows by grade 8, students and parents start seriously considering the option of dropping math altogether after grade 10, because “math is too hard” and “math is only for a select few”. More than 9 out of 10 students lose the math battle as they cross through this stage. As a result, only a select few students end up getting admissions to top colleges in the country. A strong focus on math early on will help your child have an edge over their peers. Cuemath is solely dedicated towards building a strong math foundation in your child.
How will Cuemath cover the curriculum of different boards?
Our curriculum has been carefully designed by incorporating the main tenets from all education boards. We cover all math concepts across all boards – CBSE, ICSE, State Board and international boards – through workbooks. The curriculum is, therefore, very detailed and exhaustive. We have proprietary content designed by alumni from IIT and Cambridge with a deep insight into how young minds learn mathematics.