This chapter starts with the basic overview of polynomials which are sub-categorised into polynomial expressions, equations, degree of polynomial, addition, and subtraction of polynomials and more. Further, the second section of this chapter focuses on a detailed explanation of “zero,” which includes “what is zero,” “zeros of linear, quadratic and cubic polynomials”. Afterwards, section three includes remainder and factor theorems, which comprises of division of polynomials by linear factor, division of polynomials in general, degree of the reminder, division algorithm and many more with a detailed explanation including examples. And finally, section four encapsulates the explanation for identity, cubing a binomial, squaring a trinomial and “An important Identity.”

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Polynomials - Class 9 Introduction

Polynomial Basics

Zeroes of a Polynomial

Remainder and Factor Theorems

Polynomial Identities


Polynomials - Class 10

Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficients

Division of Polynomials

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