Quadratic Expressions and Equations

This chapter starts with a brief introduction of a general form of quadratic equations followed by examples to check the same. Factorisation method is explained with different examples and solutions. The chapter then proceeds to completion of square method where the given quadratic equation is completed to a perfect square, and then the roots of the equation are found. The process is explained both geometrically and algebraically. Numerous examples are given for a better understanding. Next is the nature of roots - the roots are checked whether they are real or imaginary and whether they are equal or distinct.

In addition to preparing for the JEE mains and advanced exams, Cuemath Founder Manan Khurma's study material is helpful for students who are appearing for CBSE, ICSE and other State board exams.

Quadratic Expression and Equations

Finding Roots of Quadratic Equations

Sum and Product of Roots

Nature of Roots

Graphs of Quadratic Expressions

Quadratic Inequalities

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