The Greedy Lion



           Read the Story of The Greedy lion with beautiful Illustrations.


Once upon a time, there lived a greedy lion in a forest. One day he was starving; his stomach was rumbling with hunger.

He came out of his den to search for some food. After searching for a long time, he found a rabbit. The lion became very happy and said, “wow, that rabbit seems very tasty,” and ran to catch him with his single paw.

Looking at this rabbit, the lion said, “oh, this rabbit seems very small; it won’t satisfy my hunger.”

When the lion was about to eat the rabbit, he saw a deer at a distance. He became very greedy; and thought that instead of eating this small rabbit, why not eat the deer, since it was bigger than the rabbit. 


He ran after the deer for a long time, but since the deer was so fast, he ran and ran, and the deer escaped into the bushes. The lion could not catch him, and eventually, the deer vanished, deep inside the jungle. 


The lion felt sorry for letting the rabbit go. He became despondent; and said, “I should have eaten that rabbit.” 

The lion had to remain hungry for the entire day.

Moral of The greedy lion-  It’s better to have one in hand than two in the bush. Don’t chase behind the illusions; grab the opportunity when you have them.