Aladdin and the Magic Lamp


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A long time ago, a poor boy, Aladdin lived in China. His mother stayed with him. One day, a rich and distinguished man came to his home and said to Aladdin's mother, "I am a merchant from Arabia, and I want your son to come with me. I will reward him generously." Aladdin’s mother immediately agreed. She was unaware that the man who acted as a wealthy merchant was a magician.

The next day, after packing, Aladdin moved to the merchant. The merchant stopped after several hours of traveling. Aladdin stopped too, shocked that they stopped in a lonely place like that. He looked around; nothing for miles was in sight.

A colored powder was taken from his pocket by the merchant and thrown on the ground. The next moment, smoke filled the entire area. Aladdin saw a large hole in the ground as the smoke cleared; it was a cave. The merchant turned to Aladdin and said: "I want you to come into this cave; there's going to be more gold than you've ever seen; take as much as you want. "You'll see an old lamp as well; please bring it back to me and take this ring with you; it's going to help you." Aladdin was very suspicious, but he decided to do as he said."

He went down to the cave, thinking all the time that it would be difficult to get out without help. Aladdin entered the cave, and just as the merchant had said, he saw gold, jewels, diamonds, and other valuables. He filled his pockets. When he finished, he looked for the lamp; it was lying in a corner, dusty and dirty. He picked it up, moved to the cave entrance, and called the merchant, "I have your lamp. Can you take me outside?" "Give me the lamp," said the "merchant." Aladdin wasn't sure they would get him out if he reversed the lamp; So he said, "First, get me out."


This angered the merchant. He scooped up the powder of the same color with a loud shout and threw it over the opening of the cave, sealing it with a huge rock. Aladdin was sad. He thought, ‘He was not a rice merchant; he must have been a magician.’ Aladdin wonders why this lamp was so valuable to the magician. Alladin rubbed the lamp. Suddenly, a strange smoke filled the room and from the smoke, emerged a stranger-looking man. He said: "My master, I am the genius of the lamp, you saved me, what would your wish be? " Aladdin was scared but said in a nervous voice, "You... Take me back home." And Aladdin was home the next moment, hugging his mother. He told her about the lamp and the magician. The genie was asked by Aladdin again. He wasn't scared this time when the genie appeared. He said, "Genie, I want a palace, not an old cabin." Again, to Aladdin and his mother’s surprise, there was a beautiful palace in front of them.

Time is up. Aladdin married the daughter of a sultan and was very happy. So it was that the evil magician had heard of Aladdin's good fortune. He went to the palace of Aladdin, acting to swap old lamps for new ones. Princess, the wife of Aladdin, did not realize the importance of Aladdin's lamp and called upon the magician to wait.

aladdin and the princess

As soon as the magician saw the lamp, he took it from the princess's hand and rubbed it. The genie arrived, "you are my teacher, and your wish is my command,” he said to the magician. "Take Aladdin's palace to the great desert far away from here," commanded the magician.

While Aladdin came home, there was neither a palace nor a princess. He thought it must have been the evil magician who came to take revenge on him. But All was not lost; Aladdin had a ring given by the magician. And Aladdin pulled the ring out and rubbed it. A new genius has appeared. "Take me to my princess," said Aladdin.

Suddenly, Aladdin was with his princess in Arabia. He found his lamp sitting next to the magician on a table. Aladdin jumped on the lamp until the magician could react and grabbed it. Aladdin rubbed it as soon as he had the lamp.

The genie appeared and said, "My master, Aladdin, it is my pleasure to help you again. What do you wish?" "I want you to transfer this magician to the other world so that he can never hurt anyone.," Aladdin said. Genie fulfilled Aladdin's wish; the evil magician is gone forever.

Aladdin, the princess, and the palace were taken back to China by the genie.

Moral of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp“Don't Be Greedy.”