Alice in Wonderland


Read the story on Alice in Wonderland with Illustrations

Once upon a time, a little girl Alice was sitting under a tree. Her Aunt was reading to her a book. Alice fell fast asleep, and she was in her dream chasing a white rabbit through a small cave falling in it.

She saw a chair and sat on it. A book floated, and she grabbed it. She read the book and got out of her chair, and thought, "why does this always happen to me?" 

She reached down and kept chasing the rabbit through a small door, and she was so big. She turned the knob, and it said, "Ouch!" Alice said, “sorry.” She said she needs to get to the white rabbit. "Sorry," said the door. "You have to drink from the bottle on the table."

Alice shrunk slowly. Water came out of nowhere and took Alice to Wonderland. She saw some animals up ahead. She said, "Excuse me, Mr. Bird." But the bird did not hear her. The water began to ripple. She hadn't realized that she was sitting on the head of a toucan. He said, "Hello, girl. Where are you going?" Alice asked, "Have you seen a white rabbit?" Mr. Bird said, "Yes, he went that way." "Thank you," said Alice. "You are welcome," said Mr. Bird.



Alice went to the forest and couldn't find him, so she sat on a log and started crying. Suddenly, a pair of twins appeared and the first brother was Beep, and the second brother was named Bip. Beep said, "Why are you crying?" Alice said, "I can't find the white rabbit. Have you seen the white rabbit?" They said, "Yes. It was here." 

Alice continued to find the white rabbit and saw it run very fast. She said, "Slow down, Mr. Rabbit." "I can not." said the rabbit. "I'm running out of time. I'm late; I'm late; I'm late! And she ran through a door. Alice also came in. She saw a mad hatter and a brown rabbit and they were having a cup of tea, and they asked the White rabbit, but he said he was late and he didn't have time and kept running. Alice went there too.

The white rabbit went to see the evil queen and had to listen to her. Alice heard the bunny say that she is one of the best Queens and that this is her land, and that her soldiers are cards. The Queen challenged Alice to a miniature golf game, and the Queen was always happy when she won. 

Alice woke up in a flash, and her Aunty said, "Let's go home."

Moral of Alice in Wonderland: Never stop trying, never stop believing, never give up. Your day will come. There were many times that Alice could have given up on her adventures due to all the challenges she faced. But at the end of the day, she managed to complete all of them.