Belling the Cat


Read the Story on Belling the Cat with Illustrations

Once upon a time,  there was a general council meeting of mice to discuss what measures they could take to deceive their arch-rival, cats. Everybody was giving their suggestions.

At last, a young mouse got up and shared his idea that quickly met their point of discussion. He further added that since their enemy was quite fit and attacked cunningly, it was impossible to escape from it just by running away.

He said that if they received any signal or message of the enemy's arrival, then it would be beneficial in their escape. He also added that if they could tie a bell through a ribbon on the cat's neck, they could quickly get the signal of its arrival if the cat was nearby, and they could easily hide at some safe place.

The proposal was liked and applauded by every council member until an old and experienced mouse got up and said that "This is all very well, but who is going to bell their enemy, Cat?"

Listening to this, the mice looked at each other's faces, but no one dared to speak. Then the old mouse said in disappointment that "It's easy to propose an impossible remedy, but hard to tackle it."

Moral of Belling the Cat- Anybody can propose an impossible task, but performing it and taking a call for it is not so easy.