Jack and the Beanstalk


Read the Story on Jack and the Beanstalk with Illustrations

A long time ago, there lived a boy named Jack with his mother. They were very poor they had only a cow as their property.

One fine morning, Jack’s mother was frustrated with their poverty and asked Jack to sell their cow in the market.

When Jack was on his way to the market, he found a man who gave him some magic beans for the cow jack took those beans and went back home.

When Jack’s mother found those beans, she got outraged and threw the beans outside the window. The very next morning, when Jack woke up, he saw a giant beanstalk outside his window.

Jack went outside and started to climb the giant beanstalk. He continuously climbed the beanstalk, he climbed up to the sky through the clouds and saw a beautiful castle.

He went inside the castle. Jack heard the voice ‘Fee, fi, fo, fum!’. Jack ran into the cupboard to hide. He saw that a giant came into the room and sat down.

He saw there were a hen and a golden harp on the table. He noticed that, when the giant said ‘ Lay,’ the hen laid golden eggs, and when he said ‘Sing,’ the harp began to sing.

After some time, the giant went to sleep. Suddenly Jack jumped out of the cupboard, took the hen and the harp, and started running towards the beanstalk.

The harp started singing ‘Help Master!’. Listening to the harp, the giant woke up and shouted ‘Fee , fi ,fo , fum!’. Jack started climbing down the beanstalk. The giant also started running after him. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack started shouting ‘Mother, Help!’. Jack’s mother came with an ax and chopped down the beanstalk the giant fell and hit himself to the ground.

Nobody ever saw the giant again.  Jack and his mother lived happily ever after with the golden eggs and the magic harp. 

Moral of The Jack and the Beanstalk - ''Make the best of the worst situations, and when the opportunity knocks, take full advantage of it.''