Puss in Boots


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A long time ago, there was an old miller who had three sons. Close to the time of his death, he called his three sons to his side. He said, “I want to divide the property I have before I go". To the eldest son he left the mill, to the middle one he left the donkey, and for the youngest, the last thing that remained was the cat.

When the father died, the two elder brothers divided themselves the inheritance. The youngest took some of his boots, put them on the cat, and left to see the world. Along the way, they sat down to rest. While his master slept, the cat took a bag, filled it with the grass, and left it open. At that moment a rabbit came along, impressed by the greenness of the grass he got into the bag, the cat pulled the cord, and the rabbit was trapped inside. 

Puss presenting the king with game

The cat put on the bag and headed to the palace to deliver it to the king. “I come on behalf of my master, the Marquis of Carabas, who sent you the gift.” The grateful king accepted the gift.

One day, the king decided to throw a party at the palace, Puss heard this and came up with an idea. “Master, master! I know how we can improve our lives. You just follow my instructions”, said Puss. The master did not understand quite what the cat was asking him, but he had nothing to lose, so he accepted .“Quick, master! Take off your clothes and dive into the river”. Royal carriage was approaching with the king and his daughter when they came closer, the cat yelled out, “hey help, help! The Marquis of Carabas is drowning. Help!”. 

The king heard the cat and came closer to see what was happening. The princess was amazed by how handsome Marquis was. He was given some of the king’s clothes to wear, and he got into the carriage.

Puss in boots ran to the field and asked the people to say that the area belongs to the Marquis and so they did.

He then said the only thing my master is missing is a Castle and then he remembered the Ogre Castle and went there. “I have heard about the powers you have, but I do not believe it, so I have come here to see for myself if it is true.” 

Puss lilling the ogre in the form of a mouse

Ogre was furious that the cat did not believe him; he raised his hand in the air and puff! He turned into a ferocious lion. “Very good, but that is easy. You are already as big as a lion can you turn into something small, like a fly or a mouse.”
The Ogre blew and turned into a little mouse and then puff! The cat attacked the mouse and ate him. At that moment, he heard the carriage approaching and ran to the door to receive his master. 

Puss introducing the princess to the castle

Master came in. The king was amazed by all the wealth he was having and asked Marquis to marry his daughter and rule the kingdom. He accepted, and both the cat and the Marquis lived happily ever after.