Read the story on Rumpelstiltskin with Illustrations

Once upon a time, there lived a miller and his beautiful daughter. Miller always dreamt of being rich because all he ever did was lie to people around him. The fame of the miller's story went all the way to the king, calling him to the castle. The king decided to give the miller a lesson. Still, the miller didn't hesitate to lie to him and said “ Your Highness! my daughter can turn straw into gold threads.” the King did not believe him. He said “Okay if you say so, bring her here tomorrow show us how so that we can believe you.” when Miller told his daughter. She became furious and said, “Father you lied again, what am I going to do now?” Miller became very embarrassed but helplessly went to the king along with his daughter. The king took the girl into a room where a spinning wheel and a basket full of straw were there for her to string by sunrise. The king said, “I want you to turn all this straw into gold if you don't want to be severely punished.” The king locked her in the dungeon and placed two guards at her door. The girl looked at both the straw and the spinning wheel and haplessly began to cry. Suddenly a light appeared in the room, and after it disappeared, a small ugly elf appeared.

The girl looked at the little man with great confusion. He asked: “Why are you crying.” The girl replied, “the king wants me to turn this straw into gold and I don't know how to do it. He said, “I can do this for you, but I wonder what you can give me in return.” The girl took her necklace off and gave it to the elf as soon as the elf caught the necklace he sat in front of the spinning wheel and began to spin the straw round and round. As he began to rotate the pulley, it started to fill with golden string in a short while.

As soon he turned the straw into gold, he disappeared. It was now morning the king entered the room, and once he saw the gold, he was amazed. The girl was pleased and thought about escaping, but the King just brought in more straw and said, “ if you want to be free you must turn all the straw into gold by morning.” the girl began to call the elf. After some time, he appeared and said: “I could turn these into gold as well, but what will you give me in return.” The girl took her precious ring and said: “I can give you this very precious ring which was given to me by my mother.” The elf got the call and began to spin the straw round and round. By the morning, it was all over, and the baskets were full of gold. When the King entered the room, he was delighted. This time he filled the whole room with straw and said “if you manage to turn all this straw into gold, I'm going to forgive you and your father. Also, I'm going to ask you to be my queen.” As soon as the King left the room, the elf appeared once again; but this time, the girl didn’t have anything to give him. The elf said “After you marry the king you must give me the child you give birth to! Only this way, I will turn all this straw into gold.” Helplessly the girl accepted his offer this time the elf began to work much faster and as he spun the wheel round and round. As the spinning wheel turned, the pulley started to fill with gold. It was morning once again, and the king entered. He saw the gold and was very happy. He proposed to the girl. 

The girl was now a queen and after a short time had passed the Queen had a child. One day when the Queen was putting her baby to sleep, the elf appeared and said: “Did you forget the promise you made to me.” The Queen replied, “No, I have not, but please don't take my baby away.” The elf felt sorry for the Queen and gave her one chance and said: “if in three days you find out what my name is, you can keep your child.” Once the elf disappeared, the Queen began to think. She called the guard and got him to make a list of all the names in the country. The guide made a list of all the names on a piece of paper and brought it to the Queen by morning. In the morning, the elf appeared and asked the Queen what his name was, and so the Queen began to read all the names on the piece of paper. “Is it David, No, Robert, No, Tom, No, Peter, No…...” after the Queen finished reading out all the names, she was still not able to guess the elf’s name. I'm leaving now, but I will be back tomorrow, and he disappeared. The Queen called the guard and asked the guard to list all the names in the neighboring kingdoms. The guard wrote down all the names he found on a piece of paper and gave it to the Queen. When the Sun rose, the elf reappeared and asked: “So, were you able to find my name?” “Baltazar, No, Harness, No Muster.” no matter how many names she counted, she just couldn't find it. The elf said “tomorrow is the last day I'll be back, but you don't stand a chance.” the elf disappeared. Once again, the Queen called the guard and asked to get more names before sunrise. The guard made his way to the Queen and began to explain all that he had seen the night before “while I was walking around the forest I saw a small house, and there were talking trees and the dwarf jumping around a fire singing a song.” the Queen was pleased to hear all that was said. So it was morning, and the elf reappeared.

When he asked the Queen what his name was, the Queen made it as if she didn't know his name and began to count different names. Shaking his head, the elf kept saying no. As the Queen got the wrong answers, the elf just got happier and happier. In the end, the queen said that his name is Rumpelstiltskin. In anger, the elf said “how could you have known this! It can't be true; a wizard must have told you.” The elf stomped his foot on the ground, and the floor cracked, and his foot got buried there as he tried to get away. He stomped his other foot, and the ground cracked even more, and down he went. Finally, the Queen got rid of the greedy elf and later went over to the king and honestly explained all that had happened. The King saw that the Queen regretted it. He forgave her as, for her father, the King thought the right thing to do was punish him; so he sent him far away from the kingdom. The King, Queen, and their child lived a wealthy and healthy life ever after.

Moral of Rumpelstiltskin- "The story of Rumpelstiltskin teaches us to tell the truth and take responsibility for our own mistakes."