The Ant and the Grasshopper


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On a beautiful summer day, a family of ants was bustling about, carrying leaves and storing food. Meanwhile, the grasshopper was singing songs and enjoying the day throughout.

One day, as usual, the grasshopper was chirping and playing games when he saw the ant carrying leaves to its nest.

The grasshopper asked the ant, “All you ants do is work all day. You should be more like me and play, play, play!”

The ant replied, “I’m storing food for the winter. You should also work and collect food like me for the winter. What will you eat and feed your family during the winter?”

The grasshopper laughed and replied, “Don’t be in a hurry my friend, slow down! .Just look around, there’s plenty of food for the winter.”

The ant kept working and the grasshopper kept playing the whole day. Soon the winter came. The ant had prepared for the winter and had enough food in its nest to feed its family and to last through the winter. Now that the winter had arrived, the grasshopper was hungry and couldn't find any food.

The starving grasshopper remembered the hardworking ant and approached the ant with his fiddle under his arm begging for food.

The ant who was storing and drying up the grains asked the grasshopper, “What were you doing the whole summer instead of collecting and storing food for winter? .I’ve stored food just enough for the winter. I can't feed you all winter, else I'll starve too.” “I didn't have time to store food as I was busy singing songs”, whined the grasshopper.

The ants cried, “Very well! Dance now! ”And they turned their backs at the grasshopper and went on with their work.


Moral of the story: There’s a time for work and a time for play.