The Boy Who Cried Wolf


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A long time ago, in a village in Africa, there was a young herder boy. He used to take his flock of sheep to graze fresh and green grass over the mountain. His job was to keep an eye on the sheep. He had to spend his day long just sitting at one place, doing nothing. One day he was very bored. An idea struck his mind. 

He cried, “Wolf!” “Wolf!”. 

The farmers working nearby heard him crying; they came with their tools and guns to rescue him. But there was no wolf, only the sound of evil laughs from the boy.

Again after some days, The boy cried out, “wolf!” “wolf!”. This time fewer people came up to help him, and they found out that the young boy had fooled them again. He mocked them and laughed at them, seeing that he had succeeded in fooling them again. 

The farmers got very angry and warned him that they would not come the next time, and he would be in danger.

The wolf attacking the boy

Two days later, when the village farmers were busy in their fields, and the boy was resting under the tree, a wolf came. He got terrified and cried for help. But, no one turned up for help because nobody believed him, thinking he might be playing his tricks again. 

The boy somehow saved himself by climbing the tree, but the wolf killed all his sheep, and he had to return home all alone and cry. From that day, he promised never to lie again.

Moral of The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Liars will not be rewarded; even if they tell the truth, no one believes them.