The Dove and the Ant


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On a hot summer day, an ant was searching for water. She saw a river flowing nearby and went there to drink some water. As she was drinking water from the river, suddenly she slipped and fell into the river. As the stream was very fast, she wasn’t able to swim in the water. A dove was sitting on the tree beside the river. The dove saw the struggling ant and dropped a leaf into the river. The ant climbed the plating, as it reached near the ground, the ant jumped out. The ant looked up and thanked the dove for its help.

the Dove and the ant

One day there was a bird-catcher; the ant saw the bird catcher trying to catch the dove. The dove was resting on the tree, and he had no idea about any of this. The ant went up to the bird-catcher and bit him on foot. The bird-catcher dropped his net and screamed a little. The dove heard the scream and safely flew away to distant woods.

The dove and the ant

Moral of The Dove and The Ant- " If you do good, good will come to you.". Do to others as you wish them to do to you. The dove saved the ant from the river, and in return, the ant held the dove from the bird catcher.