The Fox and the Grapes


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 Once upon a time in a Pennsylvanian forest, there lived a fox. He used to hunt and live on rats. One afternoon when the rats were resting in their burrows, he felt very hungry. He started roaming around the forest in search of food but he couldn’t find any. While he was returning to his den disappointed, he saw a beautiful orchid of grapes. The grapes were very fresh but were hanging quite high.

The fox thought if he could eat those grapes to satisfy his hunger. So he jumped and tried to catch them but he couldn’t. He came running and jumped from a distance but couldn’t reach them this time either. He tried a lot but failed every time. In the end, when he couldn’t reach them, he returned to his den saying to himself that the grapes were sour.

Moral of The Lion and The mouse- This story teaches us that we tend to scorn or dislike what we can not get. We should never dislike something just because it is beyond our reach.