The Fox and the Stork


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Once upon a time in a dense forest lived a fox and a stork. One day, the fox planned to delight himself at the expense of the stork. So he invited the stork for dinner at his house.

The fox smiled to herself as she looked at the trick she was about to play. 

The fox and stork having dinner

The next day, the fox prepared a tasty soup and served it on flat plates. Soon the fox finished the soup, but the stork could not taste it because of its long neck. The stork, unhappy with the fox's trick, decided to teach him a lesson.

On another day, the stork invited the fox to dinner. This time the stork cooked the fish; it had a very mouth-watering smell. He served it in a very narrow jar. The fox tried to reach the fish but could not. The fox was unable to taste the fish because of the narrow neck. But the stork gulped the meal down.

The fox realized that he was being paid for his pranks.

The fox and the stork having dinner

Moral of the Fox and the stork- Do not play tricks on your neighbours unless you can stand the same treatment yourself.