The Giving Tree


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Long ago, there lived a beautiful apple tree. It stood tall and free, with bright green leaves and the chirping of birds could be heard from its branches all day long. The tree undergoes a different rhythm altogether when all the natural ingredients would mix to form a vibe of its own, like nowhere else.

The tree shared a very special bond with a boy from the nearby town. The boy would visit the tree every day. He would play hide and seek with the tree after his school. They talked for hours and hours. He shared everything with the tree; his ideas, thoughts and the everyday happenings at the school. The tree would listen to the boy intently and laugh together. They both understood each other’s dreams and their bond grew stronger.

Time passed quickly, the boy grew older and the time he spent with the tree started decreasing with every passing day until it stopped for an indefinite time. 

The boy grew into a young man with desires to get the most out of the world, in the form of revenue, that he could earn. The boy visited the tree after a long while, with no intentions of playing with it anymore, but to seek help from the tree. The tree expressed its happiness, after such a long while, and asked him to share his feelings with it, like he used to do when he was young.

The boy told the tree that he had no money to fulfill all his desires. Replying to which the tree said, that he could sell the apples offered by it in the market and generate the income. The boy agreed happily and went to the market to sell the apples plucked from the tree.


The tree was happy to help the boy, but the boy stayed away for a long while and the tree was sad. Years passed, birds came; chirped, and the tree waited; standing tall with its long branches.

One day the boy came back. The tree exclaimed with happiness, “ Come boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and be happy”. 

The boy replied that he was no more a small boy who could be lured by swinging on the tree’s branches. He asked the tree to help him build a house for him and his family, as he was married now with children to be looked after. 

The tree took no time in offering its branches to the boy to make his own house, as the tree was happily living with its trunk in the forest. But once the boy took the branches, he never returned. The tree grew very sad and started to wait for the boy to come back.         

The tree could no longer talk to the birds, as the bird circled around the trunk and flew away. The tree always asked the bird about the boy, but no one knew about him and the tree grew saddened. It watched the city change, right with his leftover parts. The tree could see the faraway pastures be razed to build roads and buildings. More people came and more houses started to get built along with towers on green land. 

The forest was losing its greenery, the tree was sad to see his house being torn down, but what could it do as it was merely a trunk. 

One day, the boy returned to the tree. He now was a grown-up man. The tree was happy to see the boy that he could hardly speak to, but the boy looked very sad. He sat down and leaned against the tree, and started crying. It broke the tree’s heart to see the boy cry. The tree asked the boy, what the matter was, and why was he so sad. The boy replied that his wife left him, and his children also didn't like him, so he wanted to leave the place and go far away in a sailing boat. The tree asked that if you do this will you be happy then, the boy said yes, and the tree didn’t think twice before offering its last left trunk for the boy to build his boat and watched him sail away.

 Years passed, the tree grew lonelier, the tree was only a stump at the edge of a cliff. He missed the birds, he missed looking at faraway pastures, he missed the comfort of his home, but more than anything, he missed the boy. The boy finally came back to the tree. The city was no more the same now. The forest had been cut down. There were man-made buildings in place of mother nature. The boy was an old man now, he slouched and walked with a stick. He was wondering if he would ever find the tree. Finally, he found the tree, exactly where he had left it.


The tree apologized to the boy, that he had nothing left to give the old grown boy anything. The boy quickly responded by cursing the human’s greed, which had destroyed mother nature by building more and more buildings and polluting the air with lots of disastrous gases. The last wish of the old man was to get a seat for him to sit, responding to which the tree quickly straightened itself, as much as it could, and offered him to sit on the leftover part. They talked happily for hours.

Moral of the story: The relationship of nature with man is an everlasting one, we need to respect and preserve mother earth. Remember trees need man, as man needs trees.