The Little Mermaid


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Once upon a time, there lived a mermaid in the kingdom of the sea. One day she was sitting at her usual place staring at the sea. She saw a ship in which there was a handsome prince.

While she was embracing his beauty, a storm built up. The ship got caught and the prince drowned with other people. She reached the prince to save him and took him to the shore. 

The prince was not breathing; she went to bring help. When she came back there were many men around the prince. The prince thanked the men for saving his life, not knowing that it was the mermaid who saved his life.

The mermaid was so mesmerized by the attractiveness of the prince so much that she wanted to marry him. She couldn’t because she was very different from humans.

So, she went to the witch under the sea to seek help. The witch agreed to help but on two conditions: one, that the mermaid should lure the prince to love her in two days, and two, she won’t be able to speak in the human world. 

She agreed to the conditions of the witch and got human legs instead of her long tail. The mermaid went to the castle.

The prince saw her and asked her if she was the one who saved his life. But the mermaid was not able to speak anything because of the witch’s spell. 

He invited her to his wedding on the royal ship. Beside him, sat the beautiful princess.

The king announced the princess as the future bride. This announcement left the mermaid in tears.

The prince and princess were in love with each other and looked so happy. 

Watching them together, the mermaid decided to not pursue the prince anymore. She sacrificed her life for their happiness.

Moral of The Little Mermaid -  ''The moral of this story is that sometimes, we have to sacrifice for our loved ones.''