The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe


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Once upon a time, there lived an old woman who lived inside a shoe with her family. She had many sons among which, the eldest one was naturally the strongest. He gathered food and firewood for the family. The lady lived without her husband. However, it wasn’t the case before.

The old lady’s husband was a woodcutter, and they lived together in a massive castle before. One day, a giant barged into their home and destroyed it. He also kidnapped the woodcutter and took him to his palace as a hostage.

Fortunately, the rest of the family were not present in the home at that time. When they returned, they searched for their father, but couldn’t find him anywhere in the house which was now ruined. 

So, they decided to make their house into a shoe that the giant left behind. The eldest son carved a door on the shoe for his family and made all other necessary arrangements. He wanted to free his father from the clutches of the giant. But the old lady knew about the strength the giant possessed; so she never allowed him to do so.

The eldest son never accepted his mother’s command from his heart. He, along with his brother, made a plan to enter the giant’s castle. They made a sword, a shield, a bow, and many arrows for their defense and decided to enter the castle.

They met the fire breathing dragon who guarded the castle. Fortunately, it was sleeping at the time, so killing it was not a big deal. They freed their father from the prison and were about to return.

Suddenly, the giant, who had just woken up from his sleep, attacked them. The sons managed to defend themselves but were getting tired. The moment the giant was about to kill all of them, the old lady appeared there along with an old witch. The witch was a friend of the old lady. The witch made sure that the giant’s feet were afflicted by corn. 

The giant shouted in pain. He looked everywhere but could not find his shoe. Finally, he decided to search them in the forest and found them near the house ruins of the old lady. But unfortunately, the younger children were still present in the shoe, which was their house at that time. 

Before the giant was about to keep his foot inside the shoe, the elder son shot many arrows in the giant’s chest and finally killed him. Soon after, they rebuilt their house with the witch’s help, and the family lived happily ever after.