The Little Red Riding Hood


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Once upon a time, a girl lived in the woods with her mother. Everyone adored her, and they gave her the nickname Little Red Riding Hood. One day, she went to visit her sick grandmother. She baked a cake and bought some wine for herself.

On the way, she met a wolf who was starving for days. The wolf greeted her and asked her where she was going. The girl not only answered him truthfully but also told him that she was sick. Upon hearing this, the wolf pretended to feel sorry and then ran up to her house to eat her up. He devoured the granny and got into her bed. 

Girl in the red hoody bringing flowers to the wolf

In a little while, the girl came to the house. She glanced at the wolf, felt something wrong, and said, ‘You have big eyes, Granny!’. He replied, ‘All the better to see you!’. ‘You have enormous ears!’ she again said. ‘All the better to hear you!’ answered the wolf. ‘You have a huge nose!’‘All the better to smell you!’ replied the wolf. ‘You have big teeth!’ the girl said finally. ‘All the better to eat you!’ shouted the wolf by mistake.

The wolf swallowed the little girl. 

A woodcutter was passing by at this very moment, heard the scream and ran inside the house. He hit the wolf over the head with his axe. The wolf fell dead on the floor. The woodcutter cut its belly and saved the little girl and the granny.

Moral of the little red ring hood: Never talk to strangers.