The Mongoose and the Snake


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Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived with his wife. They had a young child. They wanted to have a pet for their child so that they could play together. After a long-lasting argument, they decided to have a mongoose. So the next day, the farmer bought a mongoose on his way home. 

The child and the mongoose quickly became fond of each other. One day while the farmer was away for work, his wife had to go to the market to buy some vegetables. So, she left the child with the mongoose. The child was in its cradle when out of nowhere, a black snake showed up. 

The child started crying very loudly. The mongoose heard the voice and ran towards the child.

The wife returned home and saw a mongoose at the door with blood in its mouth and face. She deduced that the mongoose had killed the child. In a rage, she threw the basket of vegetables on the mongoose. She ran towards the child, and the child was fair in his cradle. There were small pieces of the snake on the floor. She then understood the whole situation, but it was too late. She ran towards the mongoose and found him beat to death under the basket of vegetables.

Moral of The Mongoose and The Snake: “Look before you Leap.” Think twice or thrice before doing anything irrational.  When we do something without thinking, the consequences might be harrowing and hazardous. So, one must think clearly before acting.