The Monkey and the Crocodile


Read the story on the Monkey and the Crocodile with Illustrations

Once upon a time, in a beautiful Jungle, there was a lovely river. In the river, there lived an enormous crocodile and a very smart monkey. The monkey and crocodile were very good friends. Every day, the monkey would pluck juicy apples for the crocodile. 

In the afternoon, the crocodile would swim to the river's center and pick some plunge fish and carry them back to the monkey. They would get together and talk for hours. One day, the crocodile met the Lady crocodile, and they both fell in love. Later, both of them got married. When the wife of the crocodile heard that the husband had the monkey for a friend. She felt gilded and wanted to eat the monkey. One night, the crocodile wife asked her husband, "My dear, how much do you love me?"

Crocodile: Why do you ask? You know, l love you very much.

His Wife: Then you must fulfill one of my wishes?

Crocodile: What it is, my dear, I shall do anything for you.

His wife: You know how ladies will like to look beautiful.

Crocodile: Oh, my dear, but you are gorgeous.

His wife: Okay. I have heard if someone eats the heart of a monkey, you become more beautiful than ever. So you must bring me the heart of a monkey.

Crocodile: Where can I get one?

His wife: What about that monkey who lives on the tree.

Crocodile: But he's my best friend. I can't do this.

His wife: Come on, how can you love him more than me? Invite your friend to lunch at our place, and I will surely kill him then eat his heart.

The crocodile became very sad and quiet. On the one hand, he loved his friend. On the other, he wanted to fulfill his wife's wish.

His wife: Ohh, husband, you can't even do so much for me. 

Crocodile: Oh, my dear, I shall bring the monkey tomorrow.

The next day, when the monkey met the crocodile. He notices something was wrong. What's the matter, my friend.

Crocodile: Nothing, would you like to go for a ride?

Monkey: Sure !! Why are we going so far, my friend? You mention the other crocodiles are not kind of you. And maybe dangerous for me.

Crocodile: I'm sorry, my friend, but I promised my wife I shall let her eat you. She wants to eat your heart and become beautiful.

Monkey: Oh, why did you not tell me earlier? I left my heart in the apple tree.

Crocodile: Really?

Monkey: Yes, let's go back and get it, then take it to your wife and make her happy.

The crocodile swam back to the tree. As the tree was near, the monkey jumped off the crocodile.

Monkey: You were foolish to believe to me but also to agree with what a wife said.

Said this, the monkey went to the forest and left the sad crocodile behind.

Moral of The Monkey and The Crocodile- Before taking any decision in life, you should think about it. Otherwise, that decision can be the biggest mistake of your life.