The Tortoise and the Geese


Read the story on the Tortoise and The Geese with Beautiful Illustrations

A long time ago, there was a tortoise. It used to live in a pond, and it befriended a pair of geese. They used to play together until one day; a drought began to prevail in the area. 

The tortoise realized that it was time to move out and find a new pond, but it was not possible with his slow pace. Discouraged by this, he sought the help of Geese. 

The geese suggested a fantastic idea of flying, holding a stick together, and the tortoise could bite it and keep itself clung to it. 

For this plan to work, the only necessary condition was that the tortoise must not open its mouth or else it would fall to its death. 

The day came when the three decided to fly off to another pond. They started their journey as they planned. As soon as they got over the rural area, astonished people began making comments on seeing this. 

The tortoise got all worked up by this, and when he could not take any more of it, he uttered, “What is it that these people are uttering.” 

As soon as he spoke, he fell off the stick and met his sad fate.

Moral of the story - No matter how hard you try, you can not escape your destiny.