The Wizard of Oz

Read the Story on The wizard of Oz with Beautiful pictures and Illustrations.

Once upon a time, a girl named Dorothy lived in Kansas City. She was playing with her best friend, a dog named Toto when a scary cyclone came their way. Dorothy called out to Toto,” Toto! Hurry, we have to get to the basement.” But before they could reach the basement, the cyclone lifted their house and blew it away. After some time, it fell somewhere with a thud. When Dorothy stepped out of the house, she saw that the house had landed on someone. Just then, they heard people at the back rejoicing. They were the munchkins. They all exclaimed with happiness to Dorothy, as she had saved them all from the evil witch of the east. Just then, another witch appeared. She was a good witch.

“Could you please tell me how to go back to Kansas City?” Dorothy asked the new witch. The witch replied that she couldn’t do that, but Oz’s wizard could help her with that. The witch asked her to follow the yellow brick road. 

But before Dorothy left, the witch gave her the red slippers that the evil witch of the east had, as it might help her on the journey.

In the midway, Dorothy and her dog met three different strangers, all of those who were missing one important component, due to which they agreed with Dorothy to accompany her to the Wizard of Oz. The three strangers were a Scarecrow, who didn’t have a brain; a tin woodcutter, who lacked a heart; and a coward lion with no courage in him to face anyone in the jungle. They all continued on the Yellow brick road. They kept following the road and reached the Emerald City. They knocked on its big gates. The Wizard of Oz welcomed Dorothy and her friends with great pleasure as she had freed them from the evil witch of the east, but he would grant all her and her friends' wishes only if she agreed to release them from the evil witch of the west too. The friends decided on the wizard’s terms and left to find the evil witch of the west.

The evil witch of the west had heard about what had happened to the evil witch of the east. She planned an attack on Dorothy and her friends to kill them. She sent a pack of the scariest wolves to stop them. The tin woodcutter stepped forward and hacked at the wolves till they all ran away. The wolves had just left when the skies became dark, and many crows started coming down to peck at them all. This time the scarecrow came forward and scared all the crows away. Next, the evil witch sent flying monkeys. Before anyone could do anything, the monkeys grabbed them all and took them to the evil witch's castle.

“So! Have you come to kill me? Hanan???, how will you do that”; the witch asked Dorothy. The witch had trapped all of Dorothy’s friends, who had proved to be her saviour throughout the journey. “Oh, you are so evil! What a horrible person you are”, saying so, Dorothy grabbed the bucket of water lying there, thus melting the evil witch of the West away.

As that happened, all her slaves became free. They released all Dorothy’s friends so that they could go back to Emerald City.

The Wizard granted the wishes of the scarecrow, woodcutter, and lion as they had demanded. Dorothy asked the wizard why she didn't grant her wish. To this query, the wizard replied that she didn’t need a wizard for her wish as she had the power all along and asked her to just click her heel thrice and tell her slippers where she wanted to go; they would take her there. Thus Dorothy took Toto in her hand and left for her home.

Moral of the story: If you look within yourself you may be able to pull out the strength, courage and intelligence you never knew you had.