The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Read the story on the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing with Illustrations

Once upon a time, there lived a group of herders in a far off land. Most of them had sheep and sold their wool for the earnings. Since the sheep were their sole source of income, they were very protective of them. They never left them out of their sights, which posed a problem to a Wolf who used to prey on such domesticated animals.

One fine day, he observed that the sheep’s skin was lying unattended. The shepherd probably ate the flesh, and carelessly threw the skin out. The wolf saw this as an opportunity and got into its skin. He came into the flock with the other sheep and started to blend in. One of the lambs felt something wrong and started chasing him around. He followed him into the fold where the shepherd was standing with a knife in his hand. He was looking around and thinking which one of the sheep to kill for mutton. At that very moment, the disguised sheep came and got caught by the shepherd. The shepherd laid his hands on the wolf and, without wasting any time, killed him. 

Moral of The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing- The wrongdoer often gets harmed by his deceit.