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55 Shortlisted Teacher Partners for Cuemath Edge 2019

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55 Shortlisted Teacher Partners for Cuemath Edge 2019

January 7, 2019

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In our search for the Cuemath Ever Day Great Educator nominees, we have extensively analyzed the student and teacher performance data. We had many steaming discussions over cups of coffee to find criteria that correctly evaluate the performance of every CTP. We are aware of the effort that each one of you put in, every day and we wanted to be sure that we do justice to every teacher partner.

Firstly, we decided to look at data for the whole year, i.e. Jan – Dec 2018. All teachers with 4+ students on 1st Jan 2018 and 6+ students on 31st Dec 2018 were identified. Given the math enthusiasts that we all are, we then created a weighted system that gives a whopping 50% weightage to learning outcomes. We have looked at year-long data for average module completion at every center and every teacher’s CCS over time.

Ensuring learning outcomes greatly contributes to Cuemath’s mission. Similarly, maximising the program’s reach equally increases our impact on children’s lives. So, the other 50% has been assigned to parameters like –

  • Retention rate
  • After class programs adoption (IMO & Math Gym)
  • CES Conversion rate
  • Centre growth
  • Is the teacher also a buddy

Based on these criteria, here we have the shortlist of 55 best performing Cuemath Teacher partners across India –

Stay tuned to know who are the final 11 who will play this innings of Cuemath EDGE awards. Based on the same parameters, two teacher partners each will be selected from Delhi NCR , Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, and one teacher partner each will be identified from Hyderabad, Pune, and the emerging cities (ROI).


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