Cuemath EDGE Award Nominee #1: Amrita Saha

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Cuemath EDGE Award Nominee #1: Amrita Saha

January 18, 2019


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Hi, my name is Amrita Saha and I’m from Bangalore. I’ve been a proud Cuemath teacher since the last twenty months. I have 22 students under my wings who I’m helping get excellent at mathematical concepts. I started my professional career as a certified public accountant in the USA. My younger son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when he was 2 years old, and I decided to take a complete break from my career- and with my husband and two sons, moved to India.

In 2017, with my husband’s constant encouragement, I decided to take the plunge. My friend introduced me to Cuemath. It fit my priorities and expectations perfectly. It helped me change the outlook and thought the process of kids from KG-8th, right from home!

The factors which have contributed to my success as a Cuemath teacher would predominantly be my hands-on experience with my sons, which has helped me understand my student’s perspective. My interpersonal communication skills have helped me relate with parents during CES sessions and post enrolment as well.

I believe that the overall improvement in a student’s math ability is teamwork between the student, me as a mentor and the parent. I constantly keep the parents involved in the student’s progress to give them assurance and ensure due-diligence.

There are three students whose recent achievements have made me really proud to be a Cuemath teacher. One of them was very scared of math. She came to me a year ago, and with my constant motivation and guidance has become very confident in attempting any math problems or understanding any new concept independently. The other two are siblings who joined my center by word-of-mouth and are performing exceptionally well at school.

My biggest learning experience as a Cuemath Teacher partner has been adopting the method of cueing rather than telling the answer straight away to my students. It is my dream to see my center as the most acclaimed and effective math excellence program in my neighbourhood.

I believe that to be successful, one has to live by the principles that they preach. Through Cuemath, I have not only adopted the techniques of ‘cueing’ or knowing the ‘why’ behind the ‘what-but have also inculcated these principles in my students. I am always ready to go beyond to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for my students.