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Cuemath Edge Award Nominee 2 Farida Syeda

25th April '200 views3 mins read

I’m Farida Syeda from Guwahati, and I’ve been a Cuemath teacher partner for the last 4 years. I currently have 21 active students in my centre.

My Cuemath journey started in 2014. I used to work, but due to family commitments after my marriage, I couldn’t take up a full time job. However, I didn’t lose any hope-I kept looking.

As my child was growing, I realized that she had a keen interest in math. I started looking for something that would further cultivate her interest in the subject. That is how I came to know about Cuemath. In 2014, Himanshu from the Delhi team explained to me what Cuemath was about and how the program worked. I instantly liked it and signed up for it.

That’s when I faced the challenge of enrolling students, which was a bit of a challenge for me. I had always been an introvert and was hesitant to talk to people. I thought of starting with people I already knew. I approached a few people in the park where my daughter used to play. I went to a couple of apartments which had school going kids and asked the parents if they would be interested in enroling their children. Two parents immediately signed up and another two joined in around two months.

What contributed to my success as a Cuemath teacher partner is my attitude of never giving up and my zeal to continuously keep learning something new and contributing to the society. I truly believe in the Cuemath methodology and try to keep myself aligned with the training provided to ensure best possible outcomes for my students. Their success is my success.

I’ve had many proud moments as a teacher partner. A student of mine, after joining Cuemath, has never scored less than 80% in her school math exams. I see my students excel in tab activities. I’ve not been able to master the mirror symmetry activities, but they do! The happiness and excitement on their faces is priceless when they realize they’ve outsmarted the teacher.

My biggest learning as a Cuemath teacher partner is realizing my own capabilities. I believe that learning never ends and Cuemath has given me a huge scope to realize my own potential. I believe I am a brand now. I’ve also learnt to balance my life and work.

My aspiration for my students is that they will become independent and will stand out in whatever field they choose. I hope that my center keeps contributing to the society in developing a smart future generation. I believe that my Cuemath center is not just a math excellence center, but a life changing center for my students and their parents.

Moving forward, I see Cuemath growing up to 100+ centers in Guwahati, and 500+ centers in neighbouring states. Cuemath has changed the way math is taught.

When Cuemath had just started, nobody in Guwahati knew much about it. I have grown my center to 21 active students in this scenario. I have also helped Cuemath grow in Guwahati. If you vote for me, this will be a tremendous boost for teachers facing these challenges.

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