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Cuemath Edge Award Nominee 4 Nirupama Sriram

I am Nirupama. I stay in Chennai with my husband and 2 kids- a son in 9th grade and a daughter in 2nd grade. I have been with Cuemath for the last 20 months and currently have about 33 active students. Ever since I was a child I had a flair for math. I attribute this love for the subject to having great teachers who focused on concepts. My strong math foundation helped me pursue a degree in Engineering and helped me get a Masters in Digital Electronics.

After my 2nd child started school I started looking out for opportunities to work from home and came across an ad for Cuemath. The idea of nurturing mathematical thinking from a young age itself resonated in me and I decided that I would be a great fit as a teacher.

Being committed to the Cuemath learning system, my passion for math and my zeal to make math easy for kids helped beyond expectations. I see Cuemath as the greatest math program designed to teach math the right way and bridge conceptual learning gaps.

The proudest moments in my life is when I have parents thanking me for the drastic transformation they see in their child and the performance of my students in competitive exams. But the proudest was when I got nominated for the EDGE awards because this is a confirmation of my efforts and performance in all criteria which has helped me positively impact my students.

Through Cuemath I have come to realise the ease of transformation in the abilities of children when the right tools are provided to them. This has given me confidence in my abilities as a teacher and leadership skills in guiding others. Courses like Teach Like Manan has taught me and countless other teachers how to become a better teacher.

I hope to see my students perform well in school and beyond and continue to love math as they do now. I would like to be remembered in the same way I remember my teachers- as people who have empowered me to unleash my potential. I also hope to see Cuemath as a global math program inspiring teachers to instil a passion for teaching in teachers like me and empower future generations of math experts in India and across the globe.

I request all teachers to vote for me because I am extremely passionate and committed to helpings kids learn math in a fun, engaging and exciting way. I am also a buddy teacher and support budding young teacher partners to become better teachers. I am firm in my resolve to be part of this movement to change the lives of a million teacher partners.

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