Cuemath Edge Award Nominee 6 Rashmi Edlabadkar

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Hi, I am Rashmi and I am a Cuemath Teacher Partner based out of Hyderabad. I have been with Cuemath for the last 17 months and currently, have 12 active students. As a mother of 2 children – one in 6th and the other in 8th- I was constantly on the lookout for good programs for my children. My daughter was terrified of math and didn’t have a natural grasp of the subject. Both my husband and I were of the opinion that math is an important life skill and we really wanted to solve this problem. As chance would have it, I came across a Cuemath kiosk at a market, helping some teachers to sign up and within a few minutes of talking to him, I was convinced.


I joined Cuemath first as a parent because of the values that Cuemath preached and practised. It resonated with me and I was confident it would work wonders for my daughter, which it did. I was working as a teacher with a reputed school in Hyderabad when I decided to take the leap and become a teacher partner myself to help my kids and students in my community.


I believe that the future belongs to children and it is our duty to help children learn and apply concepts to do things, create a problem-solving mindset and promote independent thinking. At Cuemath I learnt how this was possible through cueing children instead of just telling them the answers. So when I see children previously struggling with concepts, learning and applying them to solve problems independently during Cuemath classes, it makes me extremely proud. I also learnt the importance of taking smalls steps every day towards reaching your goals.


A successful Cuemath class for me is when I speak the least; when all my students are engaged and engrossed in their workbooks and solve problems independently. I hope to one day achieve that class. For Cuemath I would like to see more initiatives that cater to the less fortunate and gift them mathematical mindsets which will set them up for future success through education and application.


As teachers, we all have a common dream of making a positive change in the lives of children. For Cuemath teachers it is the idea of making kids fall in love with math. I have been conducting classes with conviction and taking up small tasks and goals each day with my students and their learning outcomes and for that, I believe you should vote for me.