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CUEMATH EDGE AWARD NOMINEE #3: Meenakshi Agarwalla

CUEMATH EDGE AWARD NOMINEE #3: Meenakshi Agarwalla

January 18, 2019


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Hi, I am Meenakshi Agarwalla, originally from Bokaro, a small city in Jharkhand but currently residing in Mumbai. I did my graduation and post graduation in Child Psychology which I took up because I have always been interested in understanding how the mind of a child works, their behaviour, and what makes them different. However, I never had the opportunity to work with the kids until Cuemath came along.

Right after completing my Masters in Child Psychology, I started working as an HR executive but chose to quit as my son was very small and needed constant care and attention. After a couple of years when things were pretty much in place, I started looking for work opportunities and that’s when I came to know about Cuemath.

I was instantly hooked to the idea as soon as I read about it on Facebook. I was convinced by their teaching methodology and the way they stressed on individualized attention for children. I have always voiced my opinion on how each child is different and requires different efforts. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me because of my passion for teaching and my love for kids. With their emphasis on individualized attention, I knew my knowledge of child psychology will be utilized for a bigger cause. So, without thinking twice, I applied. And, haven’t looked back since then.

My time at Cuemath has been filled with proud moments like the time when a mother came to my centre with her two sons. Despite studying in the same school she was of the opinion that her elder son was better at the subject than the younger one. First, I pointed out that by doing this she is only damaging her younger son’s confidence. Second, comparing your children with each other can have a long-lasting negative effect. So, in order to help the younger son, I started with giving him extra attention in the earlier days. I understood there was a severe lack of confidence in him, so I started working on that by sitting with him separately after class. Few months of effort, and I saw a magical change in him. He was now confident in solving math problems on his own. His school teacher also praised him on participating more in class now.

Being a teacher, there are few principles I truly follow and I believe it has greatly contributed to my success as a teacher. First, always keep your students motivated and second, to keep a regular check on your students’ progress, as this helps teachers evaluate their teaching effectiveness.

Every day is a learning process for me where I get to learn how to teach kids from different age groups, backgrounds, and circumstances.  And, what makes me truly happy is that my students love the Cuemath program and many of them don’t want to go home. Most of the parents tell me that their child loves Cuemath and enjoys coming to class and that they are never tired after a Cuemath session. They are all very fresh and highly energetic.

My hard work, dedication, my clear love for teaching, helping children grasp math education in the right way, which I believe is very important for their future progresses, and my ability to connect with the parents on a personal level are some of the main reasons why I feel you should vote for me as best teacher.

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