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Cuemath Edge Award Nominee Sarika Bhasin

25th April '202 views2 mins read

I am Sarika Bhasin and I live in Dwarka, New Delhi with my husband and two beautiful daughters who are currently in school. I have been a Cuemath teacher for the last 2 years and 9 months and I have 16 active students. After I completed my Masters in Commerce and Bachelors of Education, I taught math in some of the best schools across New Delhi before quitting due to certain personal reasons. I was keen on continuing my teaching career and this was when I first heard about Cuemath. I visited their office in New Delhi and was impressed by the methodology, the math manipulatives and visual aids which at the end of the day focused on making math fun for kids. I thought this aligned perfectly well with my existing teaching skills and because I could run my own Cuemath center from home I decided to take it up.

Understanding the needs and challenges of each individual child and working on them with determination and passion, constantly interacting with the parents has helped me grow to reach where I am. This along with the support I have received from my family and the Cuemath team has made all the difference.

Some of my proudest moments have been when my students showed a remarkable change in their learning and understanding of concepts. When they finally learn math as a life skill and not as a subject automatically rid the child and the parent of any math anxiety. The increased referrals and words of praise are a result of the hard work put in.

I want to see my centre grow to become one of the best centres in India in terms of learning outcomes and quality teaching. I hope to do that by becoming the best math teacher for my students.

I am confident that Cuemath will grow to become one of the biggest math learning organisations not just in India but internationally as well. An organisation which focuses on making math learning fun and builds a strong math foundation to help students in their future careers.

Cuemath has helped me grow in a number of ways. The learnings that I can take away from my experience is in terms of understanding the why behind the what and rediscovering math not just as a subject but as a life skill

My dedication, hard work and responsibility in ensuring learning outcomes for my children and my ability to connect with parents on a personal level are some of the main reasons why I feel you should vote for me as the best teacher.  

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