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January 18, 2019


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Hi, I’m Swati Gupta from Bangalore. I have been a part of Cuemath since the last 18 months, and currently, have 16 active students. I did my MBA in HR and have worked at a multinational organization in the training and development department for 3 years. After having my child, I quit my job to be more present at home- but I’ve always had an urge to do something meaningful, and create my own identity by applying my skills and talent. After a couple of years, everything fell into place and I started looking for a work-from-home opportunity so as to maintain a work-life balance. That is when Cuemath came into my life. I’ve been working for a while now, and I couldn’t be prouder and happier.

What has guided me to succeed at Cuemath is my strong belief in the Cuemath learning system and also my constant endeavour to engage students by focusing on teaching them concepts the right way to enable them to gain practical knowledge. I try to be as friendly as possible so that they don’t hesitate to ask me doubts and are not afraid of making mistakes. Looking at their achievements and growing interest in the subject each day, parents are also very happy.

As a Cuemath teacher, my proudest moment was when I got a call from a parent whose child had been studying with me for around 5 months. The first thing she did was thank me. Although her child understood concepts clearly, she was not confident and was often unable to finish her papers. After joining Cuemath, not only has she become super confident, but has also started teaching her friends and classmates concepts with proper explanations! At her school Parent-Teacher meeting, the student’s mother was asked by all parents how she taught her child math. She replied saying it was Cuemath that did the job! This was a proud moment for me where I truly felt like I had made a difference in a child’s life.

Before I joined Cuemath- I knew the concepts and I knew how to teach, but it is only after joining Cuemath that I learnt how to connect with my students and get the best possible learning outcomes from them. I learnt how to cue the students to ask the correct questions that would lead the child to the answer.

I want to reach a number of 35 students in the next couple of years, and I want them to stay with me till 8th grade-I hope they succeed in whatever field they choose.

My multidimensional efforts to ensure the students always get the best possible learning outcome is why you should vote for me.

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