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Cuemath Edge Awards Nominee 5 Nisha Vyas

25th April '200 views2 mins read

Hi, I’m Nisha Vyas and I’m from Pune. I have been a Cuemath teacher from the last 1 year and 7 months. I started my journey with just 2 students, and now I have grown my center to 15 active students. I studied electrical engineering, followed by MCA. I also worked as a software engineer for 3 years.

However, after my son was born I wanted to give him more of my time and attention and thus decided to quit my full time job. I have always been passionate about teaching math to children. That passion made me start my own tuition class where I taught math and physics to students of grade 8th-12th. While teaching, I found certain fundamental conceptual gaps in my students, especially in math. I know the school teachers have certain limitations when they teach in school, in terms of teaching a large batch of students in a restrictive time period.

A student of mine, from grade 8 struggled a lot with lower grade math concepts. I was looking for something which would help him understand the concepts in a clearer way. One of my older students who was appearing for her GMAT exams, came up to me to brush up her math skills. I was shocked to see that she struggled with her basic math concepts at this stage too.

It was then that I started looking for something that would help strengthen the students conceptual knowledge base of math and that’s how I came across Cuemath. I absolutely love Cuemath and it’s learning methodologies.

My passion, hardwork and dedication towards teaching has been the main factors to my success so far. It took time for the parents to completely understand and grasp the difference between a normal tuition class and Cuemath. I worked hard and the number of enrolments gradually increased. Slowly my students started asking questions about WHAT they’re learning and WHY they are learning it.

Sometimes I take extra classes for my students to help them grasp the concepts better, in doing so I’m working forward towards making their future better.

Being nominated for the Cuemath Edge Awards is an honor in itself and proves to be a great motivation for me. Not just that, my own son has also recently bagged a gold medal in the math olympiad. It was a proud moment for me, not just as a parent but also as a Cuemath teacher.

My motive is to grow my center so I can excel in building trust and satisfaction to parents as a Cuemath teacher. I want to help people recognise Cuemath as a brand and increase the number of students in the system. I joined Cuemath to help change the way students learn math by helping them build a strong math foundation. It makes me happy when I find myself empowering my students and giving something back to my society. This is why I feel you should vote for me as the best Cuemath teacher. 

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