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Cuemath Edge Awards Nominee 7 Sabitha Saravanan


Hi, I am Sabita Sarvanan. I live in Chennai with my husband and 8-year-old daughter. I’ve been a Cuemath teacher for the last 16 months, since August 2017, I have so far garnered 26 active students. I would describe myself as a self-starter, with great interpersonal skills and an effective performer in a team and as an individual. I am  value and action-oriented and I love to learn especially from my own mistakes.

Some of the factors that led to my growth at Cuemath are target setting, making students feel at home, engaging students to learn and have fun with math and last but not the least upskilling when it comes to communicating with parents and students. My aim is to make every child benefit from the program which I personally feel is very well researched and structured.

There are many moments where I feel a sense of pride- when my students perform well in school, when I received an acknowledgement from their school teachers about their progress, when the children themselves feel joy in solving math problems. But I think the proudest I feel is when my students yearn for Cuemath classes even though they are not scheduled for one that day.

I have learned to deal with children from different age groups and backgrounds, to interact with them and communicate with the parents. I aspire to make children fall in love with math and understand that the sky’s the limit when it comes to their abilities. As for Cuemath, I wish to witness it becomes the best math program and gets the reputation it deserves on the international field.

I am friendly, grounded and love to inspire those around me to be better while learning constantly from my own experiences and improving constantly. These are just some of the reasons why I feel I deserve your support in being voted as the best educator at Cuemath. 


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